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I help you eliminate your digestive issues and overcome chronic pain by enhancing your gut health so that you can be your healthiest, happiest self. Starting from the inside out!

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Gut Rehab

 3 month signature program to get your gut back under control

Pain Pro

3 month signature program to kick your pain to the curb once and for all

Metabolic Balance

Bring your body back to homeostasis with this entire body reset program

Group Coaching

One month program to help you understand the root causes of your gut issues

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A resource to help you better understand what's in your food and how it can be contributing to your health concerns.

In this guide you'll discover:

✓ Ingredients you need to be aware of

✓ Their impacts on your health

✓ 15 alternatives to some of your favorite snacks and kitchen staples

I'm Rachel

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I’m a Certified Nutritional Practitioner and the founder of Livia Wellness. My mission is to help you overcome your gut issues and get rid of your chronic pain so that you can live your best life possible.

After suffering for many years from chronic pain and gut issues, I’m passionate about helping YOU overcome your health concerns and achieving optimal health.  My goal is to ensure that you get the support you need with the most up to date nutrition information available.

What they're saying...

I’m already starting to feel better.  I had a ton of energy, worked out pretty hard and felt good.  I feel less hazy.  And my joints feel a bit better and so far my stomach is handling this food so much better than anything else I ate before.  This is the first time in years I’m not waking up nauseous and tired and in pain and the first time I have hope that I can have a normal life.
- Ilan

Working with Rachel has been the best decision I have made for both my mental and physical health.  After only one month, my pain has reduced significantly.  Three months later, I feel back to normal and most days are pain free...Before finding Livia Wellness, I was bedridden and in pain everyday.  Now, I have my life back.  She's truly changed my life for the better and I cannot thank her enough.
- Randi

I always thought I was doing the right thing to live and eat the healthiest, and that I knew my body better then anyone else...enter Rachel. I can literally feel my body transforming day after day. From increased energy to weight loss! My biggest successes with Rachel, weight loss, less bloat, decreased PMS breast pain and flushing out unwanted parasites. Added benefits: clear skin, less inflammation, and learning to live a more stress free life. I’m so happy and relieved I called Rachel when I did. I’m looking forward to what’s next in my journey with Liviawellness and with my health.
- Paula


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