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Welcome to the Mini Gut Rehab Group Coaching Program!

Understand the underlying causes of your gut issues to tackle them for good!

In this one month group coaching program we dive deep into what the root cause of your gut issues are and how to overcome them.  This is an education based program with the support of a community to achieve weekly goals together and truly understand factors that are negatively impacting your gut.

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Group Coaching Is For You If...

✓  You’re constantly feeling bloated, uncomfortable and frustrated

✓ You’re unsure which foods are aggravating your symptoms

✓ You want to have a better understanding of the ingredients in your food products

✓ You’re looking to have a better understanding of gut function and what makes it worse and what makes it better

Whats Included..

✓ One 1-hour video call / week (total of 4 video calls) with Q+A

✓ Weekly actionable goals


✓ Live “this not that” of your pantry

✓ Gluten-free & Dairy-free 7-day meal plan


✓ Handout bundles


✓ Access to private facebook group

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At What They're Saying...

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"I was experiencing bloating, gas, general digestive discomfort, tiredness and arthritis. Learning more about gluten and dairy and how they promote inflammation really helped me to swear off gluten, and gave me some more information to share with people when they ask why I don’t eat dairy. Learning more about other ingredients and chemicals commonly found in packaged foods helped me to eliminate most processed foods from my diet and make better snack choices when I do want a treat! The last few weeks I have been feeling much lighter, less bloating and haven’t had knee pain! I am so grateful for everything I learned from this program"

- Siobhan

“Before cutting out gluten and dairy I’d continue to have really bad stomach pains.  About 2 days in, I noticed the sharp pains go away.  I have never felt this good in a long time and I’m so grateful. Thank you again for this!”

- Matthew

“I always knew I shouldn’t be consuming gluten and dairy.  I’m so thankful for Rachel, it was a great reminder that these foods are super inflammatory and I feel so much better physically and mentally without them.  My bloating went down, my energy was amazing, but more importantly my eczema flare ups went down drastically.  Having Rachel there for accountability was incredibly helpful.  Thanks Rachel for reminding me that I can feel my best with food”

- Nikki

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