Gut Rehab

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Bloating, Gas And Pain Got You Down?

Life without gut discomfort is within your reach, get started today!

In my 3 month Gut Rehab program, I’ll help you to identify the root cause of your gut issues, improve your digestion so that you’re experiencing less difficulties, identify which foods are triggering to you and causing symptoms and navigate how to eat out and spend time with friends without worrying about your gut and discomfort.

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Gut Rehab Is For You If...

✓  You're struggling with feeling constantly bloating

✓ You’re not sure which foods are causing your symptoms or confused with what to eat because everything makes you feel sick

✓ Going out with friends/family make you nervous

✓ The thought of being intimate freaks you out because you’re constantly uncomfortable

✓ You plan your entire day around food to ensure you’ll feel good especially if you have to go out

✓ You have been told you have IBS or acid reflux

Whats Included..

✓ One 1 hour initial intake session​

✓ Monthly personalized health plans with nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle recommendations​​


✓ Two customized meal plans

✓ Support through email/private messaging application


✓ Bi-weekly 30 minute phone calls/follow ups


✓ Accountability

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At What They're Saying...

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"I cannot thank Rachel enough! Prior to seeking her help, I had major gastrointestinal issues. These issues began to seriously affect my day-to-day life. Rachel meticulously paid attention to every detail and then constructed a protocol that had me change my lifestyle for the better. My gut health has improved immensely since adopting her plan. I was vomiting bile every morning, had an incredibly reduced appetite, and was losing an unhealthy amount of weight due to my issues. It has been about two months since being on supplements as well as changing my diet to be gluten and dairy free, and nearly all of my symptoms have vastly improved. I finally feel healthy again- mind body and soul- all thanks to Rachel"
- Nadine

“I struggled with chronic bloating, gas and stomach aches for years. It was so uncomfortable! On Rachel’s protocol, my symptoms have drastically improved. Now I can pin point exactly what caused it and understand how to avoid it. I’m feeling so much better inside and out. My digestion has never been better!”
- Hanna

“Since working with Rachel and getting to the root problem of my gut issues I have been able to: 1. go about my days feels 100% comfortable all day, 2. have a normal bowel movements, 3. been overall healthier and happier.  Working with her on my gut issues was life changing."
- Sabrina

How It Works?

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