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Gut Rehab

Bloating, gas, constipation and pain got you down?

Are you wondering ...

"Why do I get bloated no matter what I eat?"

"Why have I not felt the same since I travelled?"

"I'm eating so clean, why am I still dealing with constant gas and discomfort?"

"Am I ever going to feel comfortable in my clothing and in my own skin?"

"How do I get this painful acid reflux to go away?"

It's time for you to finally say goodbye to your stubborn gut issues and join me in 

Gut Rehab

Gut Rehab is a comprehensive 1 on 1 program to help you get to the root of your frustrating gut symptoms and experience comfort and confidence in your body with the help of a customized step-by-step roadmap.

I hear you...

Since working with Rachel and getting to the root problem of my gut issues I have been able to: 1. go about my days feels 100% comfortable all day. 2. have a normal bowel movements. 3. been overall healthier and happier. Working with her on my gut issues was life changing.

- Sabrina

You're frustrated with constantly feelings bloating, gassy and uncomfortable

You’re not sure which foods are causing your symptoms and everything makes you feel sick

You struggle with brain fog and fatigue


Going out with friends/family make you nervous

You are lucky if you have a bowel movement every other day or you're having constant loose stools

There is no fun in going out anymore because you're so uncomfortable


You're afraid to show off your body because you look "6 months pregnant"

You've tried countless different supplements, but nothing has helped

You suffer with heart burn after every meal

Are you ready to poop like a queen, ditch the social anxiety, eat without discomfort and live the life you only imagined be possible for yourself free of gut issues?

Does this sound like you?


I'm feeling really good!! The bloating has significantly decreased, I have a bowel movement every single day, I'm sleeping so well! Things are good. I'm crying at how good it feels to know what we're doing is working!

- Charlyne

Working with Rachel has completely changed my relationship with food.  It has changed the way I think about feel about food, as well as my overall health in general. Not only can I now pinpoint exactly what makes me feel good and what doesn't, but I'm no longer surprised during the day feeling bloated nor do I struggle with constant distention in my upper stomach after every meal.

- Rita

Bloat 2.jpg

Did you know?

Issues in the gut also mean issues with:

Immune system

Brain fog


Hormone imbalances

Inflammation and joint pain

Sleep disturbances

Mood imbalances

Blood sugar dysregulation

Sugar cravings

But you don't have to live your life defined by your gut anymore.  A life without discomfort is within your reach.

How It Works
Your Step by Step Roadmap

Phase One: Identify Root Cause

Uncover the root cause of your gut symptoms by going through an in-depth health history.

In this phase we prepare the body by supporting all your drainage funnels using a gentle detox to ensure your body is being supported and can handle the next phase.

Phase Two: Remove Pathogens

In order to truly heal, you have to remove the causative factor of your symptoms.  Whether that's parasites, bacteria, yeast, it all must be removed for true, lasting healing to occur.

This phase is focused on removing your root cause, pathogens and the like.

Phase Three: Repair

Once we have completely removed the underlying cause of your symptoms, the gut lining has to be repaired.

This phase is focused on incorporating gut healing nutrients to heal and seal the gut back up.

Rachel + Desk

What You Can Expect

Beat your bloat, gas and discomfort

Consistent, daily, satisfying bowel movements

Reduce inflammation in your body (lose weight)

Know exactly which foods make you feel good and which elicit a reaction

Feel more confident in your body

Be able to go to social gatherings/date without feeling anxious

What Makes Gut Rehab Different

A comprehensive look at your health history to uncover the root cause of your symptoms

Follow up coaching calls for support and accountability

Customized supplement and health protocols accompanied with two recipe bundles

Access to private messaging platform

Take a Peak at What My Clients Are Saying...

I always thought I was doing the right thing to live and eat the healthiest, and that I knew my body better then anyone else...enter Rachel. I can literally feel my body transforming day after day. From increased energy to weight loss! My biggest successes with Rachel, weight loss, less bloat, decreased PMS breast pain and flushing out unwanted parasites. Added benefits: clear skin, less inflammation, and learning to live a more stress free life. I’m so happy and relieved I called Rachel when I did. I’m looking forward to what’s next in my journey with Liviawellness and with my health.

- Paula

- Hanna


I struggled with chronic bloating, gas and stomach aches for years. It was so uncomfortable! On Rachel’s protocol, my symptoms have drastically improved. Now I can pin point exactly what caused it and understand how to avoid it. I’m feeling so much better inside and out. My digestion has never been better!


I cannot thank Rachel enough! Prior to seeking her help, I had major gastrointestinal issues. These issues began to seriously affect my day-to-day life. My gut health has improved immensely since adopting her plan. I was vomiting bile every morning, had an incredibly reduced appetite, and was losing an unhealthy amount of weight due to my issues.  I finally feel healthy again- mind body and soul- all thanks to Rachel.

- Nadine

So Tell Me...

Are You Ready 

To Be My Next


By clicking the link above, you’ll be directed to fill out an application to see if Gut Rehab is the best fit for you.

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