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Kick Your Pain to the Curb

You deserve a pain free life, get started on your journey today!

In my 3 month Pain Pro program you will learn how certain nutrition, lifestyle and supplementation changes can play a crucial role in your gut health journey.  You will also have a better understanding of which foods are safe for you to incorporate into your diet and which foods you’ll need to avoid to kickstart your healing but to also ensure you don’t perpetuate the problem. 


Together we will go over which supplements to take to improve your gut health and which to avoid and save your money on ones that aren't working and understand how stress can negatively impact your gut health and how specific lifestyle changes will help propel you on your journey forward.

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Is This ProgramFor You ?

✓ Do you have trouble sleeping throughout the night because body pain keeps you up?

✓ Are you spending a lot of money and time going to see your chiropractor/doctor every week?

✓ Does body pain limit your activity?

✓ Are you constantly taking over the counter anti-inflammatories or medication?

✓ Does your pain affect your mood and make you feel down?

Whats Included..

✓ One 1 hour initial intake session​

✓ Monthly personalized health plans with nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle recommendations​​


✓ Two customized meal plans

✓ Support through email/private messaging application


✓ Bi-weekly 30 minute phone calls/follow ups


✓ Handouts

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At What They're Saying...

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“Rachel has guided me back to health with expertise and compassion. She has been very supportive and involved, recommending crucial dietary changes and even sharing some great recipes. She’s a great nutritionist and an even better person!”

- Adam

“I really felt lost and had given up hope before this.  It’s been so many years of extreme pain and it broke me down.  You have really been supportive and I feel like you really care.  So thank you.  You are helping me both with the diet and also feeling confident I can feel normal one day and giving me back a full life”

- Ilan

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