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So, You Think You Have Parasites?

It's no secret that I have struggled with my health for nothing short of 15 years. Yes, I was able to temporarily take control of certain symptoms with lifestyle management and dietary changes, but temporary wasn't good enough for me.

Not only that, but other things were shifting and changing (like losing my hair) and I knew I had to dig deeper.

That's where parasites come into the picture. And it wasn't until I finally got rid of them, that almost everything started to fall into place - slowly and surely.

What are parasites?

Well unfortunately, they are way more common than you think and truthfully most of us are walking around with them without even knowing.

Parasites are organisms that not only live in a host (for example yourself) but depend on a host for survival. Beyond acting as leaches and consuming your nutrients, they serve as holding tanks for heavy metals and viruses.

Did you know that when you rid parasites, you're also ridding heavy metals, mould spores and viruses they harbour as well?⁠⁠


So, how can you pick up parasites?

Tap Water:

There are a ton of different types of parasites that can be found in drinking water, with one of the most common being giardia. Specifically giardia is resistant to the chlorine treatment of the water. However, it all starts when waste water is not treated properly before being released.

Dogs Licking Your Face:

You really have no idea what your pet is harbouring⁠ that can be passed onto you.

Undercooked Meat:

Undercooked meat is often infected with different types of parasites, more commonly taenia, which are tapeworms. ⁠ An example is pork tapeworms. Ingestion of larval cysts hatch in the stomach and grow into adult worms that house themselves in the intestines.

Raw Fish/Sushi:

⁠Raw fish and sushi can house many different types of parasites as well and don't necessarily cause immediate food poisoning symptoms from ingestion. An example - diphyllobothrium species attach to the small intestinal wall and mature into massive tapeworms and can live in the human host for years while also discharging eggs.


Have you travelled abroad and gotten sick? Or come home from vacation to find yourself stuck on the toilet for two weeks? Unfortunately, you've brought home some new and unwanted friends. the most common way you're contracting parasites from travelling is through contaminated food and water. Want to try to mitigate your risk of infection? Try taking Betaine HCl (stomach acid) with every meal - it creates a very unfavourable environment for them to take hold and thrive.

Now you're sitting there thinking about all the times you've gone out for sushi dinners and how often you let your dog lick your face...or better yet, the amount of times you've travelled and gotten food poisoning. And now you're wondering, "how do I know if I've contracted parasites?"

Don't worry, I won't leave you hanging.

Believe it or not, the symptoms of parasitic infections goes beyond what I mention below. These are just the most common ones.

And why are there so many symptoms?

Well for starters different parasites cause different symptoms. For example, giardiasis cause a lot of gastrointestinal distress whereas strongyloides (can move through the body, beyond the digestive tract) can lead to symptoms like arthritis, skin rashes as well as digestive issues.

Common signs and symptoms of parasitic infections:

〰️ anal itching

〰️ bruxism/grinding teeth

〰️ psoriasis/eczema

〰️ migraines

〰️ anxiety/insomnia

〰️ brain fog/fatigue

〰️ muscle twitching

〰️ bloating/digestive issues

Did you know that parasites are nocturnal and rev up and wake up at night?

Most oftentimes some of these symptoms will be more prominent and noticeable at night time. One of the most common symptoms that will be more noticeable is anal/rectal itching.

If you're wondering how grinding your teeth is connected to parasites - parasites are a huge stress on the body. With them being awake and active at night, this is one way your body is reacting.

I also want to be honest with you. I put off doing a parasite cleanse for practically 3 years because I was scared of it. It sounds daunting and I was scared. But it wasn't until I hit a point that I realized I no longer had a choice if I wanted to start finally feeling better.

And let me tell you, it was life changing. After ridding my parasites, this is when everything started to fall back into place. I started to get a normal cycle again, my Reynauld's syndrome is almost completely resolved, along with a lot of my neurological symptoms.

If it seems like you're dealing with something new everyday amongst the signs and symptoms listed above, perhaps it's time to dive into a parasite cleanse. You'll be glad you did.