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What Are Spore-Based Probiotics Anyway?

There's a lot of talk surrounding probiotics. Should you take them? And if so which kind should you take? Which company is good? Which strain is good? And the list goes on. But one type of probiotic has flown greatly under the radar and I think it deserves some much needed attention. And for good reason. Even though they are probiotics, spore-based probiotics specifically have substantial differences. These are soil-based microorganisms. And I know what you're and why would I want to ingest microorganisms from the soil? Well, we have evolved with constant exposure and contact with soil and the bacteria that's within it. Believe it or not, it is not foreign to us. However, one thing to point out is that is critical when it comes to probiotics is that you want to ensure they end up at their final destination. Because the bacteria are encapsulated, it ensures just that. They can arrive where they need to go (final destination is the large intestine) and then proceed to do their job. Which is to grow and maintain an optimal balance of the good and pathogenic bacteria in the gut. So, what are the benefits of spore-based probiotics? 〰️ Increase in secretory IgA (big part of the immune system) 〰️ Decreases gut permeability (think leaky gut - it reduces the ability for foreign particles, pathogen, inflammatory compounds and proteins to pass through into the bloodstream) 〰️ Decreased bloating 〰️ Improved bowel movements … and then some. But don't forget, quality matters. And beyond quality, you're going to want to make sure it is a multi strain and that they start with Bacillus. Here is a great article that dives into a little bit more detail: Spore-Based Probiotics. XO, Rachel

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