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Why the term IBS is Bullsh*t

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

It's a mixed feeling when you get the diagnosis for IBS.⁠

On one hand, you're glad you can at least pinpoint your symptoms to something... but on the other hand, it opens up a whole new universe of questions. ⁠

What's causing my "irritable bowels"?⁠

What is the path forward?⁠

How do I heal?⁠

This is where many are left to their own devices... I know I certainly was. ⁠

The term "IBS" is a term of exclusion... which basically means: "well, we've ruled out everything else, so this is all that's left." ⁠

"Irritability" is a symptom, not a cause. The term does nothing to address the root cause, which can vary significantly from person to person.⁠

Here are examples of possible root causes of IBS:

  • Parasites

  • SIBO

  • Hypochlorydia (Low Stomach Acid)

  • Food Sensitivities (Gluten and Dairy)

  • Candida (Yeast Overgrowth)

For me, I was diagnosed with IBS... but the root cause of my symptoms ended up being so much more - including a crazy parasitic infection.⁠

So let this be your reminder that you are not doomed to a life of digestive stress.⁠

You can heal, you just have to get to the root of the problem in order to find a proper solution.

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